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Day 27-29 – Leisure Sailing

Day 27 (7 Feb) – Watching for Fishermen and Logs

fishing boats around the philippines
fishing boats around the philippines

The Sulu Sea is dead, dead calm that is. We have been motoring ever since Race 8A ended and that has been uneventful aside for the spike in fishing boats in the area and debri (logs, rubbish) in the water. We found ‘entertainment’ in guessing if the next “fishing boat” would turn out to be pirates.

Just when we thought things were going to stay boring we heard Team Garmin calling us over the VHF radio around dusk warning us of an apparent stream of broken logs (of all sizes) a couple of miles ahead. Which we found ourselves right smack in the middle as daylight left us, facing some difficulty avoiding collisions.
At least we didn’t end up with a hole in the hull! A sinking ship would have been an unpleasant experience.


DANGER. floaty object!

Day 28 (8 Feb) – The Nicest Sunrise in this Leg


We only have a couple of miles left before we pass (south of) Palawan, Philippines and (north of) Sabah, Malaysia. What I thought was a simple sail turned out to be a little more than meets the eye, during the last few miles we found ourselves navigating through a dense reef area. That meant we had to be more attentive to the charts and GPS, shuttling back and forth from the navigation station to the helm for minor tweaks to our direction.

Wind dropped at 4pm and our headsails followed suit since we had the luxury of motor sailing now that the race is over.
ETA into Sutera Harbour by lunchtime on the 9th Sunday. Trying to get a phone reception every time I see land.

Day 29 (9 Feb) – Pit stop in Kota Kinabalu


Got a full night’s rest from 10pm to 1030am. Woke up looking at what I suspect to be Gunung Kinabalu. Spent the rest of the early afternoon motoring into Sutera Harbour. Did a stock take of the tools on board with Anthony and Gaurav. Ended up servicing the winches as well.

We hung around the harbour with Team Garmin until 6pm. Managed to get fuel late into the night, also managed to get wifi while waiting on the boat!! Absolutely lovely!

I made green curry for dinner (again) and Derek made one of the best tasting tin fruit crumble! Kinda regretted giving most of my portion away to the Garmin guys.

Anthony about to untangle some lines at our rudder. (He actually couldn’t stand us anymore and decided to throw himself overboard)
Kota Kinabalu in the distance 🙂