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Day 33 (13 Feb) – Entering Singapore Waters!


Finally this day has arrived. Waking up was easy, knowing full well that today is the day I will be on land, my homeland.

I came on deck and immediately felt the familiarity of these waters. The waters crowded with cargo ships, occasional glimpse of Singapore’s Maritime Authority and Navy ships, and not forgetting Pedra Blanca (Horsburgh Lighthouse) just a few miles away on our port (left) side.

Being the resident Singaporean on Team Mission Performance, I hoisted the Singapore flag as we entered Singapore waters. Soon enough, I spotted even more familiar sights; planes in & out of Changi Airport, Changi Naval Base, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, high-rise buildings along East Coast Park. It got even more exciting when the skyline of Singapore’s hub came into view; the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

This of course meant one thing, Singapore reception… 3G data coverage.. internet!

KC is home.
33 Days, 4,500 Nautical Miles, 4 Countries, 6 Seas, 1 Ocean rim later*

*Australia, Papau New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia
*Coral Sea, Solomon Sea, Bismarck Sea, Celebes Sea, Sulu Sea, South China Sea
*Pacific Ocean

Hoisting the Singapore flag in Singapore waters!
Hoisting the Singapore flag in Singapore waters!
getting a tad too close to these Big Freaking Things
Pedra Blanca just a short sail away

Day 31/32 (11 Feb) – One More Night (3 more sleeps)


Less than 300 miles to go! So says the techie instrument on board. That makes it 34 hours to Singapore if we keep our average speed at 9 knots per hour, putting us at a late afternoon arrival into the marina.

After 30 odd days out at sea, the knowledge that I am sailing home is truly exhilarating!

With less than 300 miles to go, Singapore no longer seemed like the mythical place it appeared to be a week ago. I conjured my final stash of sweets last night, surprising everyone on how I had managed to ‘preserve’ them since Brisbane a month ago.

Since we are a few days away from port and racing has ceased, the most “productive” crew of mission performance have been doing deep clean *inserts groan* on the tunnels (bunks), saloon (dining area) and galley (kitchen) once again. It is not funny how ridiculously quick that much ‘crap’ gets accumulated after a week at sea.
I swear the boat generates its own shit just to make us clean harder, an effective way to keep the crew busy all day long.

KC out
counting down the hours

Highlights of Clipper Race 8 – 2014 (Brisbane to Singapore)

Onboard Mission Performance (most of it)
Music: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
Video clips extracted from Clipper Chronicles, Mike and Invest Africa (part of Race 10 as we didn’t film the rough seas during our Race 8 sail)

Yachts in Clipper RTW Race Arrive in Singapore

Channel News Asia – “After a long and arduous journey from Australia, yachts from the ‘Clipper Round the World Race’ finally arrived in Singapore on Wednesday/Thursday”


A Week To Singapore!

Just about 1 more week to the arrival back home to Singapore!!
Chili crab, chicken rice, satay, sambal stingray, bak kuh teh, Hokkien Mee… Hmmmm….

You can:
Keep track of the race on computer here;
Or with the Yellowbrick tracking app here.

Official Race Website – Clipper Race

My boat is Mission Performance (CV23) and the more accurate ETAs should be announced in the next couple of days.