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Day 24 (4 Feb) – The End Days. A Major Upset

110- KC Sail

Less than a day’s worth of racing left, it was the most un“happy hour” in this race. (Happy Hour is when both watches or shifts are on deck)
Skip broke the news to us, the fleet had managed to pull away from us overnight, securing our 12th place.

Apparently our “promised” wind forecast did not deliver whereas the boats further south had a constant breeze. Well, better luck next time.

It was one of those moments where you find yourself conflicted between decisions, each accompanied with their own set of risks. You can never please everyone but you have to go for what you think is best and live with it and it is always a gamble with mother nature.
The team were gunning to deliver a major upset by coming 20 hours behind and finishing in middle of the fleet. Hey! It really seemed plausible for a decent period of time and that would have been ‘spicy’!

We were 30 miles (2-3 hours) away when Team Garmin crossed the “imaginary’ finish line to clinch 11th place, automatically putting us dead last. To clarify, based on the “proper” unofficial elapse time, we would have comes in 5th.

At 1am it was our turn to cross the “line” and I was (maybe) fortunate enough to be on watch to dropped the Spinnaker, hoist both the Yankee and Staysail to begin our quick motor sail to rendezvous with Team Garmin.

We are now enroute for a few (very VARIABLE number) days of motor sailing to Sutera Harbour @ Kota Kinabalu for a refuel before a possible Race 8B to Horshburgh lighthouse @ Pedra Blanca. In all seriousness the possibility of Race 8B happening is unrealistic as the fleet is already a week behind its schedule, the last thing you want is attempting to race in the ITCZ!! (Light Winds).

Confession: I am currently “typing” (on my phone) and helming right now, not the best of combinations. Whoops, almost hit a log on the port side a second ago, geez.. what are my lookouts doing?! :p
Dawn is starting to break from behind me.

KC signing off.
helming away