Day 23 (3 Feb) – And a Bakery Opens!

119- KC Sail
got too excited to eat it that i forgot to take a photo before it got sliced

This is terrible! Why did the rain clouds have to come now of all times! We were sailing at good speed, closing the gap between the 10th and 11th boat when we “ran” into some rain clouds in the night. The wind went completely zilch right after that, messing up our chances of catching the rest of the fleet and we were so close. FRUSTRATING!

We got to be thankful for the silver lining here, I must say that we have an insane current in our favor. We were only moving at 2 to 4 knots but somehow managed to covered 34 nautical miles in 4 hours, after doing the math that’s 4 to 7 knots of current in our favor.

There was nothing we could do about the wind now that we were in it and we just had to live with it. Decided to learn the art of bread making from Anthony just now for breakfast duty. The whole bread making process took much longer and was more tedious than I’d expected, I have popped it into the oven and heading to bed now. Let’s just hope it turns out well.

KC signing off.
incoming rustic bread with poppy seeds!

120- KC Sail


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