Day 19 (30 Jan) – All Hands on Deck!

Cartoon - All Hands on Deck

Experienced my first “All Hands On Deck” moment today.  It started with Rachel’s shouting “All Hands! Sail in the water!” at roughly 9 in the morning, immediately everyone from my watch scrambled on deck. With a quick slip into my shorts and fastening my life jacket on my way up, I was first on deck to respond to the call. Quite amusing as I was almost always the latest up during normal watch. I do like my sleep very much and would like to sleep to the last minute, frowning at anyone who chooses to nudge me early.

As I emerged on deck, something flapping vigorously on the left caught my eye. The clew of our spinnaker got torn off completely from the rest of the sail and I had to jump on the hood to retrieve the clew and the rest of the sail. As well as prepping another spinnaker to be hoisted immediately after and functioning as the human sail-tie, meant my job was to hug the sail and control its ascent, preventing it from opening too soon. Soon after these tasks were done, it is back to a quick hour nap before coming on watch again.

We took turns spending the next two nights being crammed up near the sail locker, breaking many needles as we attempted to patch up the torn sail. It was a long and tedious process, learning the art of sewing on a boat, and struggling to keep our meals in.

As the sun approached the horizon, I realized that it was Reunion Dinner back home. Reunion Dinner takes place the day before Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) where the whole family gathers for a meal together, pretty much a Thanksgiving dinner. The thought of missing CNY didn’t affect me months ago but now that the moment is here, I had realised that this is my first CNY away from home. Got to admit that I was overwhelmed by a sinking feeling as I dug into my night chow.

KC signing out
missing the steamboat back home

086- KC Sail


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