Day 18 (29 Jan) – A Breather

Finally our first breather since 26th Jan (Read Day 15). You can’t begin to imagine how thankful some of us were. The wind strength dropped quite a bit this morning which in turn translates to less heel, the bane of everyone’s life on board. It was a welcomed respite for everyone to regain some calm in our lives. And since wind strength dropped, it was standard protocol to switch away the Yankee 2 (a stronger sail for harsher winds) for the Yankee 1 (typically suited for lighter winds).

I can’t remember why we took an hour and a half to flake and stow away our Yankee 2, it must have been the scorching heat that made everyone move so lethargically.

The ‘Asians’ made an interesting observation (while in the shade) about our boat, we would typically go for the shade when the sun is out while the ‘English’ sat under the scorching sun to get burnt. Crazy.
Having the sun out also meant we could sun-dry our dirty clothing before packing them away, helps rid of that damp smell that has been lingering the bunks. Even after weeks, it still disgusts me when I brush against someone else’s damp and dirty hanging clothing.

On another note, a representative of King Neptune’s paid us a visit today, summoning us polliwogs to present ourselves at His Majesty’s court tomorrow. Our trial and tests awaits…

KC signing out.
thankful that the heeling took a break..

receiving our summons to Neptune's Court.
receiving our summons to Neptune’s Court.

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