Day 6 (17 Jan) – Feeling Sick :'(

a shot from my favourite spot, the stern. Taken by the Nikon COOLPIX AW110.
a shot from my “favourite” spot, the stern.
Taken by the Nikon COOLPIX AW110.

Sea sickness, the ONE absolute thing I do not enjoy in this whole sailing experience.
I have claimed a “favourite” aka most frequent-ed spot 5 days after leaving Brisbane. More often than not, my arms are hooked around the A-frame with my head hanging over the stern (back of the boat), puking my guts out and struggling to make a conscious effort not to get any of it on the boat (and myself). The rest of the time is usually spent coughing because of some particles still stuck in my throat.. Yuck.

When did the seasickness start? This hellish nauseousness struck as soon as I went below deck on Day One. In the desperate attempt to avoid this seasickness, I took medications two days before the race, tried the Scopoderm ear patch which was probably effective for 24 hours with the side effects of thirst and rashes around the patch. Once that failed/wore off (I’m not sure which), I resorted to wrist bands (Sea-band), apparently an acupuncture remedy for motion sickness which seemed to lessen the effects, not eliminating it but that is a welcomed improvement!

Let’s just hope that I can finally get over this blasted imbalance issue.

KC out.
Hanging onto dear life..

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