Race 8 Brief


This race 8 started differently from the previous 7 races. Instead of a starting line where everyone rushes to cross the line when the horn sounds, all boats will line up and go for a Le Mans start. This was something we learnt during Level One training.

Le Mans-style start’s aim is to hoist up both head-sails, fully trimmed. A Le Mans-style start is also known as the Standing start (some resources call it the Running start), where teams would have their mainsail hoisted and their head-sails hanked on and ready. The crew would then gather behind the “coffee-grinder” (in the middle of the boat) and wait for the start signal before rushing forward to hoist both head-sails concurrently.
There seems to be a slight complication as well, we might possibly run into cyclones and pirates (low risk).

What I am not looking forward to is the equatorial crossing, where polywogs enters King Neptune’s court and gets, to put it mildly,…inaugurated. (Go Google it). The equatorial crossing should be happening sometime around 25th Jan.

KC out


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