Crew Party Day

Last Friday, 10th of Jan.

D minus 2. A day after crew changeover or two days before race start.

It was one of those days where I woke up not knowing what time I had to. In any case, the day quickly began at 10am by continuing where we left off yesterday. Cleaning the bilges of the galley area (which is simply scrubbing and clearing the water from below the flooring of the lower deck) and transferring out the biggest spinnaker, aka Thor, out from the boat, up the ramp and onto the carpark which is a killer!

Stephen was going through the maintenance on the starboard (right side) forward primary winch while John and I watched, we quickly gave it a go on the port (left) side winch as well. Hands were dirtied with grease, oil and diesel but it was a great moment learning how to take the winch apart. I casually told Stephen who to look for if the port forward winch gives way out at sea.

Without much time left for the day, we had our immigration done by 4PM and scrambled on to pack all our food into drybags labelled by days. It would be interesting to see how we stuff 30 odd drybags (1 month) worth of food around the boat.
What wasn’t fun was that it kept raining intermittently throughout the day!

We were quick to get changed and scoot off on chartered buses to the crew party at Waterloo bay hotel by 6PM. Before the party could begin, the organizers gave a briefing for Race 8 (Brisbane to Singapore). They went through the race day schedule, details of the start, moving order of the fleet AND potential hazards for this race… Cyclones and pirates, not very assuring really.

Servicing the winches 20140112-002233.jpg

Cleaning the bilges

Laying out the food dry bags

Tearing the paper labels and penning the items

Race Briefing underway

Look! KC’s wholesale bakehouse

All photos taken with the Nikon COOLPIX.

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