I had an eventful final weekend of 2013, a precious time spent with friends and family.
Thanks to the wedding reception hosted by Ian and Faith, which was basically a mini OCF (Clayton) reunion in KL. My heart “warmed” up as I came across familiar faces in the car park, registration counter and dinner tables leading to the wedding. It is a blessing to be able to catch up with friends from not too long ago, met during a phase of life that defined who we are today.

Thanks to God for His blessings for timeless friendship;
To Ming and Chris – Thanks for the pick-up from KL Sentral in the wee hours, for the lovely Malaysian Hokkien Mee and Lor Mee as well as hosting us in your comfortable apartment (and WiFi).
To Mel Goh – Thanks for sacrificing your precious sleep and squeezing time to meet for the appetizing “ang moh” breakfast, we barely had 6 hours of shut-eye the night before!
To Sue Ann – Thanks for setting time aside within your Saturday plans to catch up. Though I was too full, it was nice “stealing” some of your banana leaf ingredients. Thanks also for helping with the contact lens purchase first, got too carried away with the price.
To Kar Kien – Thanks for traveling to Bangsar just to pick us up, and the entertaining car park circling for a good half hour before we ended up sitting in the cafe with takeaway coffee. And also the entertaining Mid Valley circling before dropping us at KW’s relative’s place.
To Ian and Faith – Thanks for being the “good enough” reason to make a trip to KL.

It was great to hear from all of you in person, which is so much better than whatsapp/social media. Appreciate all your well wishes and prayers as I get closer to my sailing trip in 12 days.

To Edric – Thanks for the GoPro loan, I hope to capture great things with it.
To Wen Xu – Thanks for letting me use the backpack first. I’ve ordered a brand new one to replace it.
To Desmond, Wen Yang, Wen Xu, Edric, Kang Wei, Ling Xiang, Huey, Xue Zhen – Many thanks for making the trip to the airport to send me off. I will see all of you again in February when I arrive on the yacht.


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