Cloudy Excitement

Bags finally packed!


It took me a while to deduce why I was not overflowing with excitement a week before my flight to Sydney. It was only till Christmas when it hit me, this lack of excitement was due to the outstanding office work I had to settle before leaving! After taking time to think about it (which is something I often do). This feeling could somewhat be described as wearing a N95 mask during a clear day, suffocating, preventing me from taking deep breaths of fresh mountain air and from jumping with elation. No I’m not saying that my work is bad, in fact I quite enjoy it. This is just a matter of clearing the path before my mind could focus solely on the clipper race.

Having said that, I managed to take some time away from the office to pack most of what I needed by Friday before flying to KL for the weekend before returning to Singapore on Monday hours before my next flight out to Sydney.
One final bit of work work left and I will be “free”!!!

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