25 days remaining

Just a mere 25 days to D-day (my first ocean race)!

As the saying goes, the “shit just got real”. When I returned from the UK in July, the Jan 11th Race Start still felt like a while away. Who would have guessed that amidst living life back home, time went into hyperdrive and BAM! here we are counting down the days to an adventure of a lifetime. Now that “shit got real”, email reminders have been streaming into my mailbox reminding me to settle all the necessary visas for this trip (Australia, China, USA). It also means that packing MUST COMMENCE, scrambling to close all the loops and ticking the boxes on the packing list. The consolation here is that I can leave my bulky winter sailing gear back home in Singapore and only pick it up when the fleet arrives here in February before proceeding to Qingdao for their ‘lovely’ -2 to 10 degrees celsius weather.

Started handing over work stuff with barely five days left in the office. FIVE DAYS!

To get things started, I first had to ‘decorate’ the house with the sailing clothing/equipment to constantly remind myself to PACK! Now I have some tops, bottoms, jackets and many other little items laid out in my living room. Scratching my head on how to fit all these into my 70L Aquapac Duffel Bag. Hmmm… Let’s worry about getting to Australia with all these stuff for now, I do not even want to think   about how I am going to get all these AND MORE (Winter stuff) from San Francisco back to Singapore.

IMG_6345 IMG_6344 IMG_6343 IMG_6362 IMG_6355 IMG_6352


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