D minus one to Race Start

1st of September 2013, London – In the early afternoon sun, twelve clipper yachts departed the St Katherine Dock (Tower Bridge), making their way down the London River pass Thames towards the official start line off Southend. Once passed Thames, these yachts would not return for another year and having traveled round the world.

Team MISSION PERFORMANCE, donned in the navy blue Mission Performance polo tees, waved their goodbyes to family, friends and the world (via Internet broadcast) as they paraded through the docks.

The current team, headed by this year’s youngest race skipper Matt Mitchell, is made up by the ’round-the-worlders’ and teammates for the first leg of the race.

Mission Performance with Tower Bridge
Though I have yet to meet everyone, our exchanges on social media platforms have granted these folks as an awesome bunch. All coming together with the love for sailing and adventure.
Boats at St KatherineYachts Lined Up. StartQingdao Leaving Tower BridgeGBR Leaving Tower Bridge 


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