Our friend “Bob”

There is an extremely important character I intentionally left out in my Level One post.

As part of training, we had a friend named “Bob”. Bob is the lightest member on our boat and loves to spend most of his days against the railing at the stern. On other occasions, he can be found either lying in the wet locker next to the stairs or rope locker right at the bow. As Bob is quite soft and cuddly, he is cool with both the men and women on board resting against him.
However, Bob has one sour reputation that due to his lightweight, he tends to be thrown overboard during the more inconvenient timings. Other times he simply “slips” off the railing and into the sea. Because of this, the rest of the crew scrambles (in an organised mess) to retrieve him as a Man-Over-Board (MOB).
You probably would have guessed it, Bob is a fender (Not Fender Musical Instruments Corp) but the nautical kind which primary function is to cushion our yacht during berths and other times serving as a mock MOB during drills.
As Bob was camera-shy, here’s a photo of his twin, they are of the Sausage fender “race class”.

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