Level 1 – Day 1. Welcome to Yorkshire

Took the day relatively slow and easy. Having checked out from the Spring Garden Guest House, I took a slow stroll towards the Gosport Marina after having diverted to the Clipper Office at Royal Clarence to collect my much awaited waterproof duffel bag.
At the training centre, I was warmly greeted by the two very lovely clipper staff who then assisted me to “don the red”.
By 1700hrs, we were “picked up” by our trainer and first mate (Mark and Evan) who then brought us to our training boat, the CV 3 – Welcome to Yorkshire.

The first day was really a kind introduction of the roles, safety and below deck orientation.

The roles are depicted in the table below.


Edgar and Fiona did an extremely good job as “Mothers” today, splendid pasta and garlic bread and setting the bar really high. I wonder if everyone on board is fine with soggy penne pasta with chorizos when it is my turn Monday.

We will spend the first 3 nights berthed in the marina before heading out sea on Days 4 to 6. One of the greatest benefit of being in berth is the access to showers! “Unlimited” heated water and proper toilets that do not require you to pump each time you use it. Such luxuries are absent during the later parts of training and the race.


Regardless, it has been an informative first day and I will share more of this throughout the course.
For more photos, visit the Clipper Chronicles Facebook page.


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