flawless complexion

Kong Chian Crew Biography
Kong Chian Crew Biography

With news of the crew allocation 5 days ago, waves of admin essentials have flooded my mailbox. In addition to my “already messy” training preparations, I now have to complete an online questionnaire and a crew questionnaire, read through the crew allocation team booklet (with skipper rules) and the Racing Rules & Tactics guidelines, and navigate around our calendar of crew training dates and the discussion threads on train-buddies/carpool arrangements.

The crew (aside from those who attended the crew allocation) have yet to hear from our skipper, Matt Mitchell, as he has been away conducting the first Level 3 Sailing course since Monday. That aside, the rest of the crew has been an entertaining (online) and diverse bunch whilst Anthony Fairweather, our ?elected boat secretary, has been keeping us occupied with all the admin ‘homework’.

Looking back, what had seemed like a distant (and non-committal) idea in late December 2012 has suddenly manifested itself into a huge ‘monster’.

Till July, I will remain as a “blank” face (with a flawless complexion) on the crew pages.


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