crew allocation

Something interesting happened over the weekend… yes! We had our crew allocation done!! (i know the title gave it away). The crew allocation is the time where we find out who our skipper is (Skipper – a captain/leader of a vessel) AND who our teammates are. It is the one pre-race milestone for all crew members to finally ‘belong’ to a team.

As I was one of the many who were unable to attend the event at Portsmouth Guildhall@UK, I watched the crew allocation unfold via a live streaming feed (link provided by Clipper Ventures) while waiting at West Coast Park in Singapore.

As of 11 May 2013, I am part of Team Matt on Clipper Vessel (CV) 30! See also

Ever since that evening, the virtual space has been buzzing with correspondences, shout-outs, cheers from crews worldwide. My team has been exchanging salutations, tips, strategies and settling other administrative matters via our private GoogleGroups.

Here’s a peek at my team.

Team Matt’s Line-up

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